Welcome To My Journal


Is it possible to be a writer who doesn't write? That was me for many years.

Don't get me wrong: I was writing a lot. In fact, I was writing so much for clients, for marketing campaigns, for collateral and content marketing and landing pages that I came home at the end of the day with no words left in my mind and my fingers. I was writing, but I wasn't being creative. I wasn't looking for stories. I wasn't observing the world around me and telling those stories I felt needed to be told – all of the things that drew me to writing in the first place.

Part of this was a lack of time, part of it was a lack of energy, but part of it was also fear. It is easy to tell someone else's story: to describe a brand, present a marketing message or craft resource-oriented content for a target audience. But to observe the world with your own eyes and and heart and voice is a surprisingly vulnerable experience. It took me a while to realize it, but part of the reason I wasn't writing was fear around the act of sharing. 

So this journal is a discipline. An exercise in the art of writing and the courage of sharing it.

This is not a blog in the traditional sense. I'm not trying to sell this content or earn an income off of brand partnerships. Rather, this is about me cultivating my craft, publicly, for anyone who might want to read.

I'm incredibly thankful for the marketing and editorial opportunities I have. Not only does that keep me from being a starving writer, but I genuinely enjoy crafting brand language or a blog post about the latest restaurant opening. I have no plans to stop doing that. But I also know when I'm diving deep into my creativity, writing for myself instead of others, it makes me better at everything I do. 

So welcome to my journal. Inspired by the likes of Joan Didion and John Steinbeck, this is a collection of essays, stories and personal experiences. While I know long-form essays might not be as trendy as Instagram stories, they inspire me, and they are the types of stories I have to tell myself in order to live (as Ms. Didion once said). If they inspire you too, I invite you to follow along. 

- Kristen